We provide a broad range of legal services to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

We have been engaged in advising foreign companies inter alia,open and closed-end real estate funds during their entry to and acquisitions on the Hungarian real estate market right from the beginning. With a cutting-edge expertise covering all aspects of real estate transactions, our team has the commitment and the knowledge to select the appropriate transaction structure and to complete the due diligence procedure quickly and efficiently.

Developers of large residential, commercial, mixed-use or resort property rely on us in all matters of the development from the initial acquisition and permitting procedures, through actual development, joint venturing and financing to the final exit, covering the entire ‘life-cycle’ of the property . We advise our clients on their day-to-day business during the development phase or in the management of their real estate portfolios. Drawing up leasehold agreements and representing our clients either as landlords or as tenants is part of our everyday work.

As one of our main focuses, we provide legal services in relation to construction law including FIDIC contracts.

We advise our clients regularly on corporate matters establishment, operation and transformation, termination including joint ventures or the prompt and efficient management of the statutory registration procedures.

Our clients may rely on us both in normal labour law issues employment, termination, legal succession, mass redundancies, legal services with regard to working hours or wages and complex matters demanding special professional knowledge and experience work rules and regulations, compensation plans and cafeteria, data protection regulations, internal „whistle-blowing” systems, alcohol and drug control plans, work permits and labour inspection.

You may count on us in banking and finance matters as well as securities, and we handle public procurement procedures too.

In addition to handling cases involving international commercial arbitration and dispute resolution and international trade law, we offer clients extensive litigation experience in regulatory, trial and appellate matters spanning virtually all areas of substantive law.