bav-lazaBalázs Vágvölgyi (LL.M.)

I was born in Győr, in June 1, 1983. Stepping to my grandfathers footprints I pursued my high school education at Czuczor Gergely Bencés Gimnázium. Throughout my high school years I acquired such moral values from my teachers what provides a sure grip in my life no matter problem i am facing with.

After my high school exams I continued my studies in Budapest at the Law Faculty of Eötvös Lóránd Science University. After the calm and familiar years spent in Győr, the swirl of the capital and the impersonal university education was a sharp change in my life. I consider myself lucky that I participated at such courses where I could meet the ‘logic’ of the legal thinking which is not completely adaptable from the books. I did enrich my university studies with a German summer university, Austrian Erasmus scholarships and several new friendships.

Choosing a career as an attorney seemed obvious to me, during my university years I obtained my first impressions as a trainee and later as an associate at the same office. I returned to the world of books when received a scholarship to the LLM course in the University of Göttingen, but the road led straight back to pursue a legal career. I joined to Szécsényi and Partners Law Firm in 2008 as an associate. I am convinced that for being a successful lawyer, spending the free-time meaningful is indispensable. For me this is being together with my family in Győr, making trips with my friends at the Balaton, travelling both home and abroad, playing football and most recently discovering the gastronomy.

I contribute to the work of Szécsényi and Partners Law Firm as an attorney since 2011, mostly involved in corporate, financial and classic civil law matters related to real estate law. Under Hungarian law I work in Hungarian, German and English languages.

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